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DPMH Announced to Implement Product Qualification Certificate with QR Codes and 400 Hotline
Author:Time:2016-6-24 12:53:01Pageviews:2370

On June 23rd, 2016, DPMH started to provide Product qualification certificate with QR codes and free service hotline 400-644-3338. From now on, all the DPMH products including sootblower units, spare parts, ash products, control systems and piping systems will have the new Product qualification certificates. Customers can scan the QR code or call the hotline 400-644-3338 to query product information and confirm product authenticity and get service or support from DPMH. The QR code and hotline are approaches to protect DPMH from copy competitors better and protect customer interest better and also provide quicker and more convenient aftersales service to customers.