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DPMH 2016 Compliance Week Activity was successfully held
Author:Time:2016-11-21 13:26:41Pageviews:1862
On November 9th to 11th, DPMH compliance week activities held in Wuhan office and Jingshan factory which was hosted by Asia-pacific E&C manager He Yi and DPMH E&C manager Wang Lili, and total of 310 people were involved in the activities. Employees and E&C leaders had a face-to-face communication to consult and answer questions with relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. This face-to-face communication let employees feel the reality and importance of Code of business conduct more easily and more directly. DPMH will always commit to form the foundation of our business success, maintains our culture of honesty and fair play throughout our operations to ensure continuous and stable development of DPMH.