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The G9B sootblower is designed to remove ash deposits from tube sur fac es in sta tion ary boilers, marine boilers, waste heat boilers and direct-fired oil- heaters where gas temperature zones inside the boiler permit a fixed cleaning element. The G9B may also be used for cleaning low-tempera ture gas zones in large boil ers, in cluding reheaters, economizers and gas re cir cu lation and pre cipi tator ducts.
With built in adjustable pressure control for individual blowing pressure set tings, the G9B ef fectively and efficiently removes ash deposits from tube surfaces using a multi-nozzled, fixed rotating cleaning element.
A multi-nozzled element is used in a lane blowing or mass blowing configuration for complete cleaning of the boiler tube surface area. Three element materials are available for different temperature requirements.
The G9B blower requires only one operation to rotate the blowing element and simultaneously open and close the supply valve.  


Cleaning Coverage(Element Length) Normally to 4600mm for field erected boilers and to 6100mm for package boilers
Blowing Medium Steam or air 
Blowing Revolutions A choice of one or two per blowing cycle
Element Materials Carbon Steel 0-482, Stainless Steel 483-871℃, Dialoy 872-1038℃
Nozzle Rotation Speed Approximately 2.5 RPM
Blowing Arc 90~335°
Motor Data 380V, 3Ph IP54. Other voltages and frequencies available