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Diamond Power's IK retractable sootblowers are designed specifically for minimum maintenance, reliability, versatility and maximum cleaning performance. Incredibly rugged, the IK-545 sootblower stands up to the most severe environments and can be used in the pendant superheater of the boiler, in the convection section platens and economizer.

Effective cleaning is the most important aspect of a sootblower. The IK-545 uses a cast nozzle assembly with advanced design venture nozzles to convert high-pressure air or steam into a high velocity jet. This delivers the maximum impact energy to remove tenacious slag deposits. 

Utilizing Diamond's own double helix cleaning pattern, the lance enters the boiler. The blowing medium cuts a path through the deposits until the lance tube reaches full travel. It then reverses rotation so that, on the retraction path, it cleans surfaces not covered by the forward action. This technique maintains maximum coverage and cleaning. 
The IK-545 is available with the following options to reduce maintenance and provide enhanced performance: 
Replaceable Gland
Progressive Helix Mechanism 


Cleaning Coverage(m) 7.6m~13.7m
Blowing medium  Steam or air
Blowing radius(m) ~2
Blowing arc 360°
Blowing pressure Based on technical requirements ( Please see Note below)
Motor type 1.5KW 1400RPM
Motor power 380V 50Hz 3P Other voltages and frequencies available

NOTE: Parameters like travel, travel speed, rotation speed, number and diameter of nozzle, pressure and flow of blowing medium are decided according to the specification of furnace, characteristic of fuel and ash, gas temperature and specific condition of the blowing medium.