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Power Utility
Whether you are considering advanced technologies for new boiler installations or upgrading and optimizing an existing plant, Diamond Power has the industry's most complete portfolio of solutions for coal-fired utility boilers.
    - Largest Installed Base of of Sootblowers and Boiler Cleaning Equipment in World and in China
    - Robust, Low Maintenance Designs with the Industry's Best Reture on Investment (ROI)
    - Diagnostics, Controls and Ongoing Service to Optimize Boiler Operations
    - Engineered, Environmentally Sound Systems For Bottom Ash and Fly Ash Removal

Pulp and Paper
For new and existing recovery boilers, Diamond Power works with pulp and paper customers throughout the world to supply boiler cleaning solutions, ash handing systems, installation and diagnostic services for the pulp and paper industry.

The idea of using waste energy for increased steam generation in industry has been around for many years. The progressive increase of fuel costs, the need to capture heat from various industrial processes and the increasingly stringent environmental regulations have created the need for using waste heat to it's fullest potential. These systems have allowed reduced consumption of traditional fuels, recovery of waste heat for safety and economy, and elimination of process byproducts. As such, Diamond Power has been at the forefront of this technology from the very beginning, providing solutions to maintain heat transfer, save fuel, control boiler and furnace exit temperatures and minimize down-time.