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We are committed to delivering prompt and knowledgeable site services ranging from turnkey project management to diagnostic support. From rebuilds to onsite technical or maintenance support, Diamond Power has the largest team of field service engineers in our industry - and the expertise to match.

New Project/Engineer Service
   - Installation and Commissioning
   - Cold Commissioning
   - Hot Commissioning
   - Technology Training
   - Customer Review

Overhaul/Minor Repair, Rebuilds and Upgrades
According to the customer’s requirement, we provide the following service:
   - Minor repair and overhaul of the sooblower system
   - Ash handling system repair and overhaul
   - Technical supervision and installation of the sootblowers
   - System rebuilds and upgrades

Boiler Cleaning System Site Service
Our site service engineers ensure:
   - Normal operation of your boiler cleaning system
   - Inspection and maintenance of the boiler cleaning system on a regular basis
   - Online monitoring of blowing process
   We also provide necessary technical training to the users.

Field Evaluation Service
Our field evaluation engineers can perform in-plant evaluations of boiler fouling and sootblower performance to assist plant engineers in determining exact locations and causes of boiler cleaning problems. After an evaluation, a report is provided with specific recommendations to solve the boiler cleaning problems.By evaluating the overall boiler cleaning situation, addressing your concerns and taking care of potential problems before they occur, we can help minimize downtime and aximize the effectiveness of your boiler, ash handling system, boiler cleaning equipment and controls.